Friday, February 3, 2012

Magazine Holder Tutorial (in which I prove I do not always think ahead)

The other day I was cleaning off my counter tops and as I was calling Buddy Bear to take out the recycling, I started looking at the cereal box that was waiting to go to the cardboard bin.  There was something about that box that was just lurking in my brain.  So I sent Buddy out with all the other recycling and told him to just leave the box, I had to do some more thinking about that one.  Then the idea hit me.  It is a project I have seen in scrap booking magazines and family magazines.  I decided to recycle my cereal box and make it into a magazine holder.  Right now my magazines (the ones I keep because I go back to them over and over) sit in our bookcase and they fall all over because little hands like to pull them out and look at the pictures and then put them back at random.
Before Picture
The project is very simple and easy.  I will tell you that you can follow my steps, but I have to insert a disclaimer here and feel free to laugh at me.  I was so excited about the project that I didn't measure my cereal box to make sure my magazines would fit in it.  So I finish my project and try to put my magazines in and they didn't fit.  My lovely hubby says I thought you measured it and your magazines fit so I thought your idea was really cool, you didn't measure it?  This is where I have to share that my hubby has a habit he probably doesn't know he has and he tells me after I do stuff that he knew ahead of time that whatever the problem turns out to be he knew that was going to be a problem and figured I already knew it so he doesn't say anything.  I love him for having faith in me that I thought ahead, but I think he forgets I get excited and sometimes just think in the moment and not end result.  Anyway after I took the picture of the finished project, I altered my project to make it work and it still accomplishes what I want it to accomplish.  Back to the previously scheduled tutorial...

You need a LARGE cereal box (see the previous paragraph), 2 sheets of 12x12 scrapbook paper that you like, marker, ruler, adhesive, scissors, and an optional scrap of coordinating paper to label your box.
1.  Cut off all of the top flaps of the cereal box.  Then with the marker and the ruler, draw a 45 degree angle from the back, top corner of the box down to the side on the front panel of the box.  Cut along the marker line to the side of the box and cut across the side panel and then up the side panel to remove it.  After you cut the front panel of the box, flip the box over and use your marker and ruler to draw the 45 degree angle on the back panel of the box and cut it to match the front side.
Cut cereal box
2.  Once the box is all cut you will use the adhesive to glue one sheet of the 12 x 12 paper to the back side of the box.  Make sure you line up one side of the paper with the edge of the box, you will trim off the extra paper on the other side.
12 x 12 paper lined up with the box and ready to cut off excess

3.  Trim off the excess paper.  (Another option is to trim off just some of the extra and fold part of the paper into the box and glue it down on the inside which is what I chose to do.)
Optional: Folding over the excess paper and gluing it inside.
4.  Line up the paper on the other uncovered side of the box and use adhesive to glue it to the box and then trim off the excess.  Using the extra cut off paper, cover each side edge of the box and adhere the paper.  (If you chose to cover the inside of the box too, you can use one of the scraps for the inside back edge too.  I did not cover the entire inside of the box because I knew it would never be completely seen once I had the magazines in it.)
Finished  Magazine Box
5.  Once your box is completely covered you can use the coordinating paper to make a label for what magazines you are putting in, if you want to and adhere it to the small side of the box which is now the front side.  Insert the magazines and you are done!
This project was perfect for helpers.  Let them do age appropriate parts.
Now I had one extra step because like I stated early in this post, I was so excited about the project I forgot to make sure my magazines would fit in the finished box.  So I cut the small side of the box out and put in my magazines.  My box doesn't have a small front to hold the magazines in completely, but it does hold all my issues of one of my favorite magazines so that I know they are all together and not getting bent up which was my original intention.  I do plan to make more of these (yes, using the right size boxes) so in the future when little hands want to look through my magazines, I can tell them which color box they can choose from and they will know where to put them back.  Magazine mission accomplished - have fun and don't forget to measure :)
A much more organized book shelf, now to make more for my other magazines.


  1. Good use of recycling.
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  2. These folders are so cute! That's such a great idea. Great tutorial.

  3. That is just the smartest thing. I have a ton of scrapbooking paper in my house and we always have cereal. I have such a mess of magizines on my night stand. This would be a cute idea and bring a pop of color to my little corner of the room. I will have to try it this weekend. Thanks for the idea. Love your blog. I am glad I found you via the Friday HOP.

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  5. That's cool! I'm think it would also work for some of our workbooks and/or coloring books. And we go though a ton of cereal so I know have boxes to play with. :)

    1. That is a great idea to use it for workbooks and coloring books. Now I will have to make more!


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