Chain, Stitch, and Repeat

Welcome!!!  I am so glad you stopped by this page.  I decided to dedicate a specific page on my blog for my crafting.  This is a work in progress for me.  It has been rolling around in my brain for a few months now, but getting this page set up and posting regularly will be a process.
Now for a little bit about my crafting.  Crafting has always been a part of my life.  My mom was always working on some sort of craft project while I was growing up and she definitely shared her love of crafts with me.  I have tried tons of different crafts over the years, but the ones that involve some sort of thread are the ones that have seemed to stick other than scrapbooking (I do go back to that every once in awhile).  So here is a brief summary of the threaded crafts I do:
  • Cross Stitch - My mom taught me when I was about 9 years old so I have been cross stitching for almost 31 years...I really just typed that and felt pretty old typing it...
  • Sewing - I have done this off and on since I was in 4th grade.  It was a project for class and I loved it.  So I guess that means I have been sewing for about 30 years.  One of my goals of starting this blog is to sew regularly again and also to teach my daughter (she knows the basics right now, but I want her to know more).
  • Crochet - I made it a New Year's Resolution about 6 years ago to teach myself to crochet.  My mom crocheted when I was young, but she always said she didn't know how to read a pattern.  I wanted to be able to read a pattern and make lots of different things so I decided I would learn to crochet.  I used library books, videos, and a friend gave me so tips.  I didn't get it all right away, but eventually as I learned more, I did better.  I quickly fell in love with crochet and that is my go to craft right now.  I am not an expert, but I strive to learn more about it every day.  I still learn new stitches all the time, but I think that is what I love about crochet is that I can always learn.  
  • Knitting - I have dabbled in knitting, but it is a goal to learn more about it so I can be a knitter too.
So that is my background in crafts involving thread.  I am looking forward to sharing more with you as time goes on.  I hope to share my skills with you, techniques with you, and maybe one day even write some patterns.  I will be honest with you and tell you I am not sure where this page will go, but I just want some place to share my crafts with you.  I hope you enjoy all my crafting thoughts and ideas.

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